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    Parent Training/Family Guidance

    Parent training/Family Guidance is a type of therapy intended to provide instruction to a parent, guardian, or other caregivers in the treatment protocols designed to reduce maladaptive behaviors and increase the generalization of acquired skills.

    Research has consistently shown that when parents are involved in the ABA therapy process, outcomes are more positive. ABA just isn’t as effective without a team approach. If the behaviors that the ABA therapist teaches to the child are not generalized, reinforced, and maintained by the family, then one of two things will happen: the child will lose the skill, OR the child will only display the skill for the therapist. That can look like a client who uses language with you but leads their Dad by the arm. Or a child who is potty trained for you, but wets their underwear when they are alone with their parents. Partial success only when the therapist is around isn’t real success at all.

    The parents or primary caregivers need to know and understand the ABA therapy goals, behavior plans, and strategies so well that in the ABA therapists’ absence they could independently run a therapy session. That is the degree of involvement we are shooting for.