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    About Us

    RWA was founded in September of 2021 out of necessity, and quite frankly, growing desperation. Prior to starting the company, founder/CEO, Glenn Harrell, was eager to find a place of employment where he felt the needs of the individuals were prioritized at every level. He wanted to work for a place that put people over profits and removed the pedestals that separated lower-level clinicians from leadership. Glenn desired to be somewhere that truly invested in the growth and development of the PEOPLE so that the PEOPLE were motivated, intrinsically. In doing so, they would provide the highest quality therapy to the clients and stakeholders. Unfortunately, after working 10+ years in the field with some of the largest ABA providers in the world those desires were never realized. After Glenn’s last role as Clinical Supervisor at a center in Houston, TX, he knew that in order to create the type of work environment he desired as a clinician it was necessary for him to start his own ABA practice. . . out of these experiences Roger Williams Academy (RWA) was born.

    Meet Glenn Scott Harrell Jr

    Glenn Scott Harrell Jr., M.Ed., MBA, BCBA, provides behavior analytic therapy and consulting services to adults, adolescents, couples, families, and organizations. As chief executive officer and clinical operations director of Roger Williams Academy LLC, Glenn Harrell is responsible for strategy implementation, client and employee satisfaction, treatment fidelity, and growth/development with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Glenn Harrell has more than ten years of experience in the field of applied behavior analysis, organizational behavior management (OBM), and developmental disabilities. He has led organizations in a variety of settings (i.e., hospitals, residential, outpatient, in-home, center, universities).

    Clients have described Glenn as warm, empathetic, charismatic, and extremely knowledgeable, with an incomparable ability to connect with clients. During an interview, Glenn recalled some nicknames given to him by clients with some of his favorites being “Child Whisperer” and “Mr. Mary Poppins”. Glenn’s therapy style prioritizes Pivotal Response Training (PRT), using a client(s) natural motivation to encourage growth & development. He also incorporates Discrete Trial Training (DTT) as a tool for increasing the rate of skill acquisition.

    Glenn’s Specialties Include:

    • Autism (Early Intervention)
    • Aspergers
    • ADHD
    • Depression
    • Social Anxiety
    • Parent Training

    Glenn believes everyone has the ability to learn and grow. What’s often missing is the environment conducive to success, individualized instruction, and a good teacher. This is why Roger Williams was created – A behavior analytic approach to developing growth mindsets! One of Glenn’s favorite quotes is “There is no teaching without learning” – Paulo Freire

    On A Personal Note. . .

    Glenn was born and raised in North Philadelphia, PA about 2 miles from Temple University and 4 miles from the Liberty Bell. He is the oldest of 4 siblings and says “being the oldest instilled a sense of responsibility and my job became to set the example.. I hope I did that for them!”. Early on Glenn was regarded as a child prodigy because he thrived in the academic setting. In middle school, Glenn was accepted into Andrew Hamilton’s ‘Academic Advancement Program’ after being recruited based on grades, state exam scores, and overall aptitude. For high school, he attended another ‘special admissions’ magnet school called Elverson Military Academy. Glenn attributes a good deal of his structure and discipline to his parents and his high school saying “being somewhat of an Aspie myself and diagnosed with ADHD the rules and order made my life easier”.

    After graduating from Elverson in 2011 with over 5 million in academic and athletic scholarships (including several full rides) Glenn accepted an extremely competitive offer from Valley Forge Military Academy & College. Here, Glenn would get the opportunity to lead the brigade corps of cadets as the executive officer. Glenn was accepted into the accelerated Early Commission Program (ECP) at Valley Forge that would make him a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S Army in two years, as opposed to the traditional 4-year ROTC route.

    Currently, Glenn holds four college degrees: Associates of Science in Life Science Biology from Valley Forge Military Academy; Bachelors of Science in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology; MBA in Healthcare Management from Florida Institute of Technology; and a Masters of Education in Special Education with an Emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State University. He now lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, daughter, and two animal children (Caiden & Codi), frequently participates in sports leagues (currently basketball & Boxing), and enjoys the idea of someday slowing down enough to build a farmhouse with his wife. ­­­­­­­