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The PACE learning System is the method we use to diagnose and prescribe an individualized curriculum based on your child's test results. This system is based on a very successful, traditional method of teaching in home schools, and one-room school-houses thought the nation during its development and westward growth. The PACE Learning system emphasizes guided individual study, followed by testing to determine performance level and master of material, prior to progression to a higher level of learning.

Teaching Philosophy

It is natural that a child can best learn as an individual in a mixed age group. Teaching is est done "one child at a time". It is our understanding that, since children are not born in an
age group", and are not raised in an
age group", that teaching children only as an "age group" is contrary to the natural development of a child. Dividing a class into age specific groups creates unnatural stress, and does not provide an "older child" example for younger children to follow.

Comparison to other students is natural, and learning to follow and be a good example is important to the development of a child.

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About Us

RWA is a ministry of First Baptist Church of South San Francisco, making a difference in our community, one child at a time.