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    Home-Based ABA Therapy (EI)

    In-home applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for children with autism and other developmental disorders consists of highly flexible and versatile programs that supplement or replace facility-based care. ABA home care allows applied behavior analysts to accommodate children and families with special needs in the home to ensure access to effective therapy.

    Depending on the needs of the child, the parent, and the availability of the applied behavior analyst, in-home ABA services can replace or complement center-based interventions.

    Many applied behavior analysts find that providing in-home therapy to children with autism facilitates learning and decreases undesirable behaviors because the ABA services are delivered in an atmosphere the child finds safe, familiar, and non-threatening. This allows the applied behavior analyst to better manage the child’s behavior so ABA therapies and techniques can be more effectively implemented.

    For example, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, in a 2013 Best Evidence Statement, found that adding home-based developmental interventions to complement center-based interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) or other pervasive developmental disorders was shown to improve:

    • A child’s IQ in families with high stress
    • Communication
    • Gestures produced
    • Play skills

    It was also shown to have a significant impact on the child’s parents, resulting in:

    • Reduced parental stress
    • Reduced parental depression
    • Increased parental satisfaction with child outcomes